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Authentic Korean BBQ at Dolsot House


Last week, my coworker Rashaad walked into the office with food that smelled like it came off of the grill.  I tried not to be obviously nosey, so I inconspicuously peeked over to his desk, wondering what goodness was hiding in that takeout container. I couldn’t hide my curiosity anymore and asked flat out, what in the ...

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A Not-So Ordinary Lunch at Silver Diner

FullSizeRender (2)

It was a late Sunday morning and I’d just completed a three mile run. Before my workout, I only ate a small granola bar, and was in dire need of something to refuel me. The day before, I made some changes to Silver Diner’s menu on Expressgrub.com, and felt my mouth salivating while reading the ...

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People’s Pizza, A Neighborhood Favorite

Medium Cheese Pizza

Ordering from People’s Pizza is always an event.  The staff in the pizza shop located on Rt. 38 is so down to earth and playful.  Rain or shine, they’re sporting bright smiles that infectiously rub off onto new and returning customers. I stopped in to order a medium cheese pizza, 12 mild ...

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Authentic Mexican Eats at Lacita


If there’s one type of cuisine I constantly crave, it’s Mexican. Whether it’s the best you’ve ever had or just above mediocre, it’s hard to go wrong with food with that south of the border taste.  Throw some meat and fixings into a corn or flour tortilla with salsa and guacamole, and you’ve got a ...

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Nothing Small about The Kibitz Room


I’m from New Jersey where delis are as important as the shore. If I had to choose between lying on the beach or sinking my teeth into freshly baked Italian bread with thickly sliced meat, it’d be a close call, but the hoagie would win. The Kibitz Room, a Jewish deli on Springdale ...

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