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… And Why Haven’t You Had Fried S’Mores Yet? – The Pour House in Westmont

**Quick disclaimer: the pictures that follow are a bit…lackluster.  But, let me explain why…

I had a few too many margaritas, didn’t have anything to eat, ubered my way to the Pour House in Westmont and did an impromptu review.  There ya’ have it.

My date (my sister) and I didn’t want anything big, just some good appetizers that would sop up the liquor swooshing around in our bellies.

The Pour House was loud on a Friday night, with young and old adults walking around, brews in hand. We rapped along to Jay-Z when the waitress approached us to take our orders.

My sister got the three cheese crab dip, I got the cheese fries with short rib gravy and we both decided to split the fried s’mores with vanilla ice cream for dessert.  Talk about drunk food.

The crab dip came out in a mini cast iron skillet and was screaming hot. The Vermont cheddar, gruyère, and fontina cheeses bubbled furiously like a witch’s brew.  The accompanying pita triangles were beautifully charred.  Right beside it, my fries just glistened so beautifully with American cheese and a mass of short rib gravy.  I hadn’t been this happy about food in a long time.

Without her permission (not that I needed it), I took one of my sis’ pita triangles, and scooped just enough crab dip that wouldn’t get me slapped for taking too much. Seafoody goodness.

There were real pieces of crab all throughout, no filler.  That means, no bread crumbs or crackers, just real meat and real cheese.  I was ecstatic since I’ve rarely gotten any kind of seafood dip that wasn’t cut with other ingredients.  The cheese was so sweet and hot that my stomach warmed up instantly. *Droooooool*

There was so much gravy on my fries, I just dug right into the center of it all and had at it.  The short ribs chunks were so tender, I contemplated ordering them as an entree.  The gravy had such a rich and deep flavor, that this was all the food I needed.  The cheese was so super thick that it made the fries stick together.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m a huge fan of fries that are crispy yet have a bit of sog due to massive amounts of ooey gooey toppings.  These fries are a guilty pleasure…FOR SURE.

There was no doubt we’d order the fried s’mores when we first saw them on the menu.  When they came out, the smell of the pancake batter they were fried in reminded me of a relaxing Sunday brunch.  The only difference, this was an intoxicating Friday after midnight.

I, for the life of me, could not contain my excitement when biting into one of the s’more segments and witnessing marshmallow fluff ooze out of the opposite end, while rich chocolate filled the corners of my mouth.  The nutella just took it over the top with its nutty sweetness.  I scooped some of the ice cream, sandwiched it between two pieces of s’mores and didn’t feel a bit of guilt.  Like the fries, the s’mores were easily a new guilty pleasure and I would order both again and again and again.

The Pour House exceeded my expectations and delivered just what I was looking for– great food with an even greater atmosphere.  I can’t wait until the next time I have a few too many.  Now, I’ll know exactly where to go =)

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