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Jersey’s Most Massive French Toast – Sabrina’s Cafe in Collingswood

My craving for a big warm breakfast always increases during the winter months and as usual, I’m never in the mood to cook one.

So on a frigid but bright Christmas Eve, I desperately wanted french toast.

Coincidentally, a friend texted me ranting about the chicken apple sausage she’d just eaten at Sabrina’s Cafe in Collingswood.  I’d been hearing about their french toast for a while so it was a no-brainer–to Sabrina’s I was headed!

Thank you Lord for the sign.

Stationed in the old F.W. Woolworth building on Haddon Ave., this place swelled with young families and teenagers on winter break from school.  I went solo and was seated immediately at the “bar” right in front of the huge window peering out into the front hall.

I decided to order from their special menu and went with the “Going to Work this Off at the Gym Special French Toast.” …No.comment.at.all.  It was brioche bread stuffed with cream and marscapone cheeses, creme brulee caramelized apples, roasted almonds and cranberries.  It also featured a cranberry vanilla orange syrup.  Not wanting my french toast to be lonely, I ordered the famous chicken apple sausage and a side of home fries with peppers and onions.

I sipped on a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice as I waited for my food.  There I was, at the bar minding my own business, when I noticed a long black hair floating around in my drink.  I didn’t cause a fuss, I just slid the juice to the side and sipped on some good ol’ tap.  The hair could’ve come from my head, so I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.

I saw my food coming from the kitchen and “whoa,” was all I could think.  The french toast was massive and covered in fresh fruit, syrup and powdered sugar.

It looked like a mound of wonderfulness, except for yet another long black strand lying across the top like it was supposed to be there.  This long and straight hair definitely wasn’t from my head, as my hair is tightly curled.

I couldn’t conceal my disappointment as I waved the waitress down and had her usher away the tainted food.  Thankfully, a new batch came out in under five minutes.  I hoped they didn’t just remove the hair and reheat the same plate.

I inspected it thoroughly for any further hairs, didn’t see any, and began to eat.

The french toast was extremely dense, almost like a loaf of bread.  I took a large portion of it and opened my mouth as wide as possible.  The bread was thick and soft, but wasn’t as sweet as I expected. In fact, it was rather savory.  The cheese filling was just as thick as the bread, making the dish a heavy mouthful that I had to take my time chewing.  The bright and tart bite from the strawberries and apples was much needed to cut through the heaviness.  Surprisingly, I did not taste the cranberries.  I did, however, think the cranberry vanilla orange syrup was warm, citrusy and sweet.  I just wish I’d gotten more of it since I prefer my french toast much sweeter than it actually was.

The chicken apple sausage had a nicely browned outside and was so juicy on the inside.  I bit into one and its juices squirted out a few feet away from me.  That’s the way a breakfast sausage should be.  Not to mention, those links were huge!

My favorite part of the meal was the home fries.  They were crispy on the outside, yet light and steamy on the inside.  The peppers were severely under cooked though.  Had they not been a little warm, I seriously would have thought they were raw.  Caramelizing them would have given soooooo much more flavor.  They need to consider this preparation in the future.

My visit to Sabrina’s Cafe was good, for the most part.  I was extremely turned off by multiple run ins with stray hairs, but after brushing pass that, the meal did a good job of curbing my craving.  There’s a possibility I’ll be back, I just have to prepare myself for mishaps.


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