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Sometimes, You Just Need A Good Burger – b.good Experience

It was the day after Thanksgiving and I was hungry, but couldn’t stomach another plate of turkey, mac and cheese, collard greens, yams, and peach cobbler.

I wasn’t prepared to starve my body with salads just yet, so I had to think of something good that wasn’t absurdly unhealthy.

While a burger, fries and milkshake isn’t the healthiest meal on the planet, just the thought of that combo made my mouth salivate.  And I had just the place in mind.

b. Good, a burger chain located in Marlton, prides itself on organic and locally sourced ingredients.  All of their food is prepared by real people and not factories.  So I’d be able to feed my craving and not feel so guilty about it.

I decided to order take out and went with the adopted luke turkey burger, an order of sweet potato fries and a seasonal pumpkin milkshake.

I ordered my turkey burger, which came topped with mushrooms, smoked Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and bbq sauce, on a whole wheat bun.

The burger was very thick, not skimpy at all for a “fast food” place.  I did notice the bun was slightly burnt on one side.  This could have easily turned anyone else off, but I love a good char on my food so I was fine with it.

The glistening bbq sauce trickled down the side along with the heavy slice of Swiss.  I’d say the cheese took up more space than the patty.  I had the pleasure of biting into one very juicy and fresh burger.  It was all meat and no filling what so ever.

When I order a turkey burger at a restaurant, I’m normally a fan of the ones made with dark instead of white meat because it tends to hold more moisture.  However, I would highly recommend turkey fans to try this breast meat burger out.   The BBQ sauce had a great sweet and deep flavor and the mushrooms provided a nice earthiness.  Easily one of the tastiest turkey burgers I’ve tried in a long time.

The french fries at b.good are first baked and then air fried.  I was skeptical about how crispy they’d be since there was no no oil involved in the cooking process.  Again, I was in for a surprise.  They tasted exactly like regular french fries, minus the excess salt.  They were crunchy, but like the bread, had little burnt bits at the bottom of the bag.  Again, but I could see why there may be complaints about this, but I was unbothered as I threw fry after fry down my throat.

By now, you guys should know how I feel about sweets.  It was my first time trying a pumpkin milkshake and I was painfully excited.  Seriously, what’s better than a good burger, fresh fries and a creamy shake?  That’s literally America wrapped into one meal.

The shake was mouthwatering.  The roasted pumpkin taste was so prevalent, it karate chopped my taste buds with every gulp.  It was also made with apple cider and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg).  This shake was one big delicious taste of autumn. It had kick, tang, sweetness, depth and every other descriptive word you can think of. This will probably become my new craving.

b.good is one of those places I feel like I barely scratched the surface with.  They have a lot to offer from burgers, salads, bowls, and smoothies.  Next time, I’ll try one of their salad or grain bowls.  I certainly will try another milkshake too.
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