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Local Cafe Vibes – Espressit Coffee House

On a lazy, but picturesque Sunday afternoon, I decided to reward myself after a three mile jog.  What better way to show my shrinking waistline love then to be counterproductive and expand it again? (One day I’ll have my six pack, I promise).

I’m always intrigued by the variety of baked goods at Espressit Coffee House, so I knew I’d venture there.

At Espressit, they offer a number of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free treats daily and even have a hot breakfast buffet on the weekends, which is also vegan and vegetarian.

I skipped the buffet and ordered a vegetarian platter, mini pumpkin pie, breakfast burrito, slice of pecan banana bourbon sticky bread and a kale koto (green) smoothie.

In typical greedy person fashion, I didn’t start with my entrees.  I aimed straight for the pumpkin pie.

The crust had a nice soft bite and the turbinado sugar gave subtle sweetness and additional crunch.  The pumpkin pie filling was pleasantly spiced with just enough sugar for a little added sweetness.  I was originally skeptical about this little treat since I’m more of a sweet potato fan, but overall, it was very tasty and “almost” guilt free.

Next was the breakfast burrito and this wrapped beauty was full of delicately scrambled eggs, diced potatoes, red rice, cheddar cheese, spinach and peppers.

The perfectly cooked eggs were slightly creamy, firm and complemented by the sharp and salty cheddar.  Cheese equals happiness so automatically, that was my favorite part of the burrito.  I did wish there were more peppers, as I can barely remember tasting them at all.  The spinach, however, gave an excellently fresh crunch, though it needed more salt. The rice and tortilla, collectively, made it quite filling.  This was a pretty solid burrito that I’d order again for a substantially nutritious start to my day.

As if I hadn’t already pushed my tummy’s capacity to new limits, it was time to take a stab at the vegetarian platter.  The platter consisted of a tortilla, cheese and pumpkin bake, collards green with beets, rice and barley mixed with mushrooms and glazed squash and apples.

As a meat eater who occasionally lays off of animal flesh, this meal was just okay in the flavor department.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tortilla/pumpkin bake, as it reminded me a lot of a lasagna. The pumpkin was sweet and creamy and the corn tortilla provided a great contrast in texture and taste.  I didn’t much care for the greens and beets. I thought they were tremendously bland.  Cooking them down more (as they were quite crunchy) with an array of vegetables and spices would have made a more tender and flavorful product.  The rice, barley and mushroom mixture was also okay.  It was served dry with no sauce or gravy, which it could have benefited from.  The squash and apples were a nice mildly sweet addition. They were almost dessert like among the many savory components in the dish.

In between bites, I took large gulps of my kale koto smoothie. Kale, pineapple, pear, apple, spinach, kiwi and ginger all came together for one fulfilling green drink.  I could feel bouts of energy surging through my body after each sip.  I highly recommend coffee addicts trying to cut back on the joe to give this super foods drink a try.  This is an excellent and natural energy booster.

Finally, the denouement of all denouements – the pecan banana bourbon sticky bread. Where do I even begin?

This bread is a prime example of why I’m a sweets freak. The banana based deliciousness was so moist, I smacked loudly and proudly as bread pieces stuck to the roof and sides of my mouth.  The sticky bourbon pecan topping was sweet, sticky, salty and crunchy all at once. It was beyond sinful *insert prayer emoji.*  The bourbon added a nice nutty zing that only it could. Addictive would be the most appropriate descriptive word.  Devoured would be a great follow up.

Espressit Coffee House is one of my favorite establishments to frequent because it consistently provides locals with ‘good for you’ eats.  From the fresh baked muffins, to their vegan lunch options, they’re mindfully reshaping the constraints that were once placed on healthy food options.

Pumpkin Pie photo Espressit2_zpsbj2rtxsp.jpg

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