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One Heck of a Godzilla Roll at Woksabi Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar

A few times a week, I sit and think about new restaurants to try.  With an empty stomach, I found myself idling in Collingswood, surveying the many eateries along Haddon Ave.

A bright yellow sign hanging next to Indiya and across the street from Thai Basil caught my attention.  There sat Woksabi, a small Asian bistro and sushi bar that I’d never tried.  And just like that, I knew what was for lunch.

For takeout, I ordered the edamame, soft shell crab appetizer, Godzilla roll and tempura banana dessert.

Upon getting settled at home, I opened my containers and noticed how collectively colorful everything was.  I love food with beautiful hues and the edamame in particular, was the prettiest.

I took one of the edamame and squeezed a bean into my mouth.  There wasn’t much taste to it, as expected.  After all, they’re only steamed and very lightly salted.  This isn’t a dish I would get if I were extremely hungry.  I would choose it solely for its nutritional benefits.

Next up was the soft shell crab.  The crab segments were dipped in a tempura batter, then deep fried.  The coating wasn’t crispy, and I was afraid its texture would turn me off.

To my astonishment, it was really good.  The coating wasn’t crunchy, but the crab shell was.  The crisp shell concealing that sweet lump crab meat tasted fresh and firm.  The soy dipping sauce helped cut through some of the fat from the excess oil.  The tempura batter itself had a nice traditional taste.  Overall, a good appetizer.

The Godzilla roll looked super delectable.  I’m unsure why, but I didn’t expect it to be cooked.  I didn’t mind though because the smell of the spicy fish mixture sitting on top was tantalizing.  There was spicy mayo and eel sauce daubed on there too, so I knew this was going to be the bomb.

This was literally the first sushi roll I’ve ever had melt in my mouth.  Anyone who’s into seafood and has tried crab or salmon imperial, would go nuts for this. It had that same exact creamy sweetness.  If “to die for” was one of the five flavors, that description would, unquestionably, be most suitable. Outstanding sushi roll.

Last up was the banana tempura.  As a proud sweets addict, I was most eager about this portion of my meal.  Subsequently, I was the least enthused with its taste.

The soggy tempura batter paired with the very ripe banana made a mushy end result.  I’d never had a fried banana before, so I was uncertain of its intended texture.  I, however, didn’t care for its limpness.  I do believe ordering it for takeout wasn’t the best decision, as dining in could have saved its texture.

The next time I try Woksabi, I’ll be sure to dine in.  I believe a few dishes could have come out much better that way.

I’ll also be sure to order at least two of those Godzilla rolls and any other sushi roll that tastes like it!

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