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The Pizza Everyone Needs to Try at Michaelangelos Italian Restaurant

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, my best friend came over for our weekly girl talk.  While we had enough wine to make Olivia Pope jealous, we were only snacking on lack luster potato chips.

Talking about men and the stupid things they do worked up an elephantine appetite, so we weren’t in the mood for anything fancy or pretentious.  We wanted something fatty, greasy and scrumptious.

It didn’t take long to come to the consensus that we needed pizza in our lives, and there was one spot I’d been waiting for the right time to try–Michaelangelos on Brace Rd., one of the most popular pizzerias on Expressgrub.com.

We kept it small and simple by getting the garlic parmesan wings and a deep dish cheesesteak pizza. On second thought, maybe our order wasn’t as small or simple as we thought.

When I got to Michaelangelos, the staff was warm, sociable, and grateful to see all of their customers.  They treated us like family and that’s what sets local pizzerias apart from chains.

My eyes nearly jumped out of my head when I opened the box to reveal a masterful pie.  There were toppings everywhere.  Peppers, onions, mounds of cheese and even larger mounds of meat.  I’d already come to a conclusion in my mind that this would be a one and done–one slice and my stomach would probably be stuffed to capacity.

I opened my mouth wider than normal to fit the first bite.  Oh my food God.  This was one of those meals that would become a guilty pleasure.  From the tender and fatty steak, to the crunchy veggies and the creamy, salty cheese, it was a lot to take in at once.  In other words, it was outstanding.

The crust remained thick and moderately crisp, despite the weight of the toppings.  It stood its ground and had a nice buttery flavor to go along with it.  It seriously tasted like care was put into every single component, and for that, I was much appreciative.

Between talking, laughing, and finishing my first slice, I finally got around to grabbing a few wings.  The wings weren’t breaded and I loved that.  I prefer wings that are crisp without all the extra coating.  I also enjoyed the amount of sauce they were tossed in.  Not too much, not too little.

The wings had a sweet and savory profile.  The sweetness came from the minced garlic and parmesan cheese.  The yummy buffalo sauce gave them a very subtle kick.  A good, juicy, well-executed go-to wing that I’m certain will be excellent every time I order them.

While I loved the food at Michaelangelos, I feel like I haven’t scratched the surface of all they have to offer.  With that being said, I will soon return!  I’m dying to try a pasta dish and one of their authentic Italian desserts.


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