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Hibachi Done Right at Osaka Sushi Hibachi Steakhouse

As usual, I went most of my work day without eating anything that would stick.  I exercised really hard in the morning too, but got so busy that I only had time to eat a few pieces of fruit and a granola bar.  By the end of the day, my ribs were touching.

I was craving something really good.  Not good in the sense that my shirt would be ripping from the seams afterwards, but I wanted something that was delicious, fresh and cooked perfectly.

I browsed through the list of restaurants at Expressgrub.com and though tempted by the hundreds of options, I decided to go with Osaka Sushi Hibachi Steakhouse.

Osaka is one of the most popular restaurants not only in Collingswood, but on Expressgrub.com.  I’ve been once before and absolutely understand why.

I ordered the chicken and salmon hibachi combination, which came with mixed vegetables and fried rice.  I also got a spicy tuna roll as an appetizer.

I was so surprised by how large the hibachi entree was.  This rice could easily feed three people and the chicken and salmon combination would certainly be a few meals for me.

I took a piece of spicy tuna first and there was much more tuna than rice. I enjoyed that tremendously! Anyone who’s loves sushi but is trying to limit carbs won’t feel guilty about eating this roll at all.  It was light, spicy and, most importantly, freshly made.

I was done with the sushi, and moved onto the big dog hibachi entree.  I started with the vegetables and they were perfectly crisp.  Not too soft, not too hard.  The sauce, which tasted like a light soy sauce, made them even more delectable.

Both the salmon and chicken were moist, and I was very grateful for this.  I love salmon, but rarely order it out because it’s almost always as dry as a piece of beef jerky.  However, this thick piece of wonderfulness was a prime example of how it should be properly prepared.  The teriyaki tasting sauce added even more moisture and umami to both meats.

The fried rice was tasty too (of course), and had peas and scrambled egg riddled throughout.

Every piece of my hibachi meal played off of the other.  You could eat a piece of chicken with rice, or a little rice with some veggies.  It didn’t matter what combo you put onto your fork because everything blended perfectly together.  So well balanced, which is exactly what I was looking for.

Osaka provided a solid meal that didn’t overwhelm my tummy.  I ate just enough and had a few portions left that would last another day or two.

If you are in the mood for Japanese, Osaka should be at the top of your list.

Spicy Tuna
Spicy Tuna
Chicken and Salmon Hibachi Dinner
Chicken and Salmon Hibachi Dinner

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  1. This place is the BEST…I have been twice and can’t wait to go back… you rock Zahara!

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