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Nothing Small about The Kibitz Room

I’m from New Jersey where delis are as important as the shore. If I had to choose between lying on the beach or sinking my teeth into freshly baked Italian bread with thickly sliced meat, it’d be a close call, but the hoagie would win.

The Kibitz Room, a Jewish deli on Springdale Road, just at the border of Cherry Hill and Voorhees, is a Zagat rated, highly sought after phenomenon.

Whenever Kibitz is closed, customers are overcome with sorrow as the taste of a reuben slips from their buds.

I visited on a Thursday during lunch hours, so I was certain they were open.

I walked into a deli full of people idling near the pastry display.  It’s the first thing one sees upon entering, so I found myself gravitating towards it as well.

There were loads of cakes, cookies, and finger treats sitting proudly behind the glass. As a recovering sweets addict, I was in my zone.

I already knew, from staring and making a connection with it, that the black and white cookie was mine.

In addition, I got a turkey reuben with a half order of potato pancakes and a cheese blintz with cherry topping.  I couldn’t help myself and wanted to consume even more sugar.

I was so hungry and overtaken by the smell of fresh turkey and the hot cheese blintz, that I had to rip the bag open in my car.

The reuben was stacked so high with turkey, that I could literally make three separate sandwiches out of it.  I was unsure of how I would tackle this monster, but it was a feat I eagerly took on.

The turkey tasted like it was carved from the juicy bird my mom pulls from the oven on Thanksgiving.  It was so thick and tender yet firm, not rubbery like the meat on sandwiches from deli impostors.  The bold and tart sauerkraut, with the sweet Russian dressing and salty melted Swiss, all helped the thick turkey clog my mouth.  My cheeks were so full of food, that I looked like a squirrel storing away my next meal.

If I hadn’t had enough carbs, the potato pancakes sure would help me reach my quota.  They were like hash browns on steroids and came with sour cream that brightened them up.

The cheese blintz probably was the most satisfying thing I ate that week.  The warm ricotta cream cheese filling melted on my tongue before I could digest.  The soft and thin dough hugging the filling reminded me so much of a crepe.  When I pierced the giggly dessert with my fork, the cheese mixture exploded, oozing out like hot lava.  It was sooooo good.

I saved the black and white cookie for later in the day, because after taking on such a heavy meal, I was beyond full.  After some hours had passed, I sampled only a segment of the large cookie.  It had some crunch on the outside and was pillowy soft in the center.  Admittedly, I only ate the side with chocolate icing, because I’m a choc-o-holic and the taste of cocoa drives me absolutely nuts.

If you’re a competitive eater or can consume more than the average human, Kibitz will quickly become your playground.  Huge portions with even huger flavor is the formula that makes people crazy about this Cherry Hill gem.

Half Turkey Reuben
Half Order of Potato Pancakes
Black and White Cookie
Cheese Blintz with Cherry Sauce (Not Pictured)

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