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Fresh and Light Lunch at Sakura Spring

I hadn’t eaten all day and I could feel my stomach rebelling against me.  I wanted a quick light lunch from somewhere that would deliver good eats fast.  Sakura Spring was 5 minutes away from the Express Grub headquarters, where’d I’d been all day, so I figured, why not?

I ordered the traditional vegetable teriyaki with the sauce on the side (that way, I could control how much I wanted to eat), a chicken tempura roll and an item being featured for a short period of time, the diver scallops with mango salsa.

The vegetable teriyaki, which consisted of broccoli, asparagus, green peppers, red peppers, radishes, and mushrooms, was such a crisp, fresh and light dish.  It was perfect for the 90 degree weather that day.  Once I dipped each veggie into the container of teriyaki sauce, the flavor level skyrocketed.  Instead of pouring the sauce on top of all the veggies, I just dunked each piece into it and watched the sticky thick sauce ooze from my colorful food.

I love anything that’s tempura-ed so I found the sushi roll to be nothing short of crunchy goodness.   I asked for a side of spicy mayo and that allowed my tempura roll to mimic a chicken sandwich.  The chicken kept the same roll, while the rice acted as the the bun and the fresh cucumbers and lettuce were the toppings.

My most favorite part of the meal was the meaty scallops and mango salsa.  Scallops are my favorite seafood item so having them cooked with a soy glaze, with added fresh sweetness from the mango bits, was amazing. I finished all five of those little guys without thinking to save any for later.

Sakura Spring is a step above your average Chinese store.  They proudly showcase well-executed traditional Asian cuisine, and also feature an array of monthly specials that reveal their culinary creativity and uniqueness.


Scallops with Mango Salsa
Scallops with Mango Salsa
Steamed Veggies with Teriyaki Sauce on the Side
Steamed Veggies with Teriyaki Sauce on the Side
Chicken Tempura Roll
Chicken Tempura Roll

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