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Indiya- Flavors of India

Aloo Paratha, Shrimp Curry (Top Left), Basmati Rice (Top Right), Spicy Corn Soup (Bottom Left), Complimentary Rice Pudding (Bottom Right).
Aloo Paratha (Far Left), Shrimp Curry (Top Left), Basmati Rice (Top Right), Spicy Corn Soup (Bottom Left), Complimentary Rice Pudding (Bottom Right).

I was driving down Haddon Ave. in Collingswood when suddenly, I got a craving for Indian food.

Anyone who’s familiar with the area knows that Collingswood boasts a number of restaurants specializing in cuisine from all over India.

Unfortunately, my stomach and pockets weren’t big enough to experience all of them that day so I decided to give Indiya a try since I’d never been there.

It was such a clear and sunny day, I figured I’d get take out and sit on my front porch with the flavors of the Eastern world and a cold glass of wine.

I called and placed an order for the spicy corn soup, aloo paratha and the Goan shrimp curry.

When I went retrieve the goods, I couldn’t help but notice how fabulous Indiya’s interior was.  The calming blue and yellow tones with the warm dark wood chairs and tables really set the ambiance for a hybrid of fine and casual dining.

After a short wait (Since I ordered before they even opened for dinner), I was handed my takeout bag and told there was a complimentary rice pudding in there. Rice pudding? For free? Yeah, my new favorite spot.

I wasted no time when I got home.

I scooped my first serving of rice, shrimp and a piece of aloo paratha and went to town.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s perfectly cooked and flaky basmati rice.  No grains were stuck together or mushy whatever so ever.

The meaty shrimp had such great flavor, you could tell it was seasoned before being braised in one of the best curry sauces my mouth has ever gotten a chance to experience.

It was so spicy and creamy that I wish I had a gallon of it to put on every piece of food I come in contact with.  Better yet, I think I’m going to empty out a ketchup bottle and pour in that curry sauce to put on hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, rubber boots, anything!

The aloo paratha did it’s job very well.  It helped me create little shrimp curry sandwiches that made the meal 10 times tastier.  The whole wheat flat bread was stuffed with potatoes, herbs and spices and filled my tummy almost immediately.

Admittedly, the spicy corn soup was an after thought to me.  I was so hungry and focused on the main course that I forgot about it until a bright yellow container caught my peripheral’s attention.

The spicy, zip and zing of the broth woke me right up.  The soup was much lighter than I anticipated and I appreciated the real kernels of corn appearing all throughout.  I bit down on tiny pieces of ginger that gave an extra kick with each spoonful.

I can’t say that I’m at all surprised by how much I enjoyed Indiya’s food.  Not only do I love Indian eats immensely, but the great reviews I read before trying this place were all true.

Their food was a wonderful representation of Indian cuisine and next time I visit, I would love to dine in and sample their superb wine collection.

Juicy shrimp in the Goan Shrimp Curry.
Juicy shrimp in the Goan Shrimp Curry.
My attempt at a nice and neat presentation.
My attempt at a nice and neat presentation.
Spicy Corn Soup
Spicy Corn Soup
Complimentary rice pudding
Complimentary Rice Pudding

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