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My First Experience with Pho – Pho Huong Viet Review


For years, American foodies have been raving about pho.  On every food blog, pho here, pho there, pho every fricking where! I didn’t try pho right away because I’m more of a creamy, chunky soup kind of gal. I finally bit the bullet and dined at Pho Huong Viet, formally ...

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Sometimes, You Just Need A Good Burger – b.good Experience


It was the day after Thanksgiving and I was hungry, but couldn’t stomach another plate of turkey, mac and cheese, collard greens, yams, and peach cobbler. I wasn’t prepared to starve my body with salads just yet, so I had to think of something good that wasn’t absurdly unhealthy. While a ...

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Local Cafe Vibes – Espressit Coffee House


On a lazy, but picturesque Sunday afternoon, I decided to reward myself after a three mile jog.  What better way to show my shrinking waistline love then to be counterproductive and expand it again? (One day I’ll have my six pack, I promise). I’m always intrigued by the variety of baked ...

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The Noodles You Need To Try…Now – Sanook Thai Cuisine


I rushed down Tanner Street in Haddonfield as the brisk wind slapped my bare face. I was on my way to try a new restaurant featured on, Sanook Thai Cuisine. The restaurant’s large sign protruded from the front of the building and caught me by surprise.  Not because of its size, but ...

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Quest For the Best Happy Hour – Yard House


After a brief hiatus, I’m back with an unprecedented appetite and two recent realizations about myself. #1, I can no longer pretend that salad is better than wings, and #2, I’m always in search of a good happy hour. Thanks to the latter epiphany, I found myself at Yard House in Moorestown around 11 p.m. on ...

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Finger-Lickin’ BBQ in Jersey? Whole Hog Cafe Review


Ever had one of those days where you just wanted to be a carnivorous maniac? Or a day where broccoli and carrots wouldn’t do much for your impending hunger? Well, that’s me every day, but some days, I have a little more control. Recently, after a girl’s night out with enough tequila to make ...

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Help Fight Hunger While Ordering Out

FBSJ has teamed up with the Food Bank of South Jersey in the fight against hunger. For the month of September, customers who place an order with Express Grub and uses the code FOODBANKSJ, will save 5% on their entire food purchase.  Up to $2,000 of those sales will be donated to the food bank. Click ...

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One Heck of a Godzilla Roll at Woksabi Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar


A few times a week, I sit and think about new restaurants to try.  With an empty stomach, I found myself idling in Collingswood, surveying the many eateries along Haddon Ave. A bright yellow sign hanging next to Indiya and across the street from Thai Basil caught my attention.  There sat Woksabi, a small Asian ...

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The Pizza Everyone Needs to Try at Michaelangelos Italian Restaurant


On a rainy Saturday afternoon, my best friend came over for our weekly girl talk.  While we had enough wine to make Olivia Pope jealous, we were only snacking on lack luster potato chips. Talking about men and the stupid things they do worked up an elephantine appetite, so we weren’t in the mood for anything ...

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Authentic Korean BBQ at Dolsot House


Last week, my coworker Rashaad walked into the office with food that smelled like it came off of the grill.  I tried not to be obviously nosey, so I inconspicuously peeked over to his desk, wondering what goodness was hiding in that takeout container. I couldn’t hide my curiosity anymore and asked flat out, what in the ...

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A Not-So Ordinary Lunch at Silver Diner

FullSizeRender (2)

It was a late Sunday morning and I’d just completed a three mile run. Before my workout, I only ate a small granola bar, and was in dire need of something to refuel me. The day before, I made some changes to Silver Diner’s menu on, and felt my mouth salivating while reading the ...

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